Ray Wenderlich

This morning I decided to listen to Ray Wenderlich podcasts while at the gym instead of my usual inspirational podcasts. Most iOS Developers if not all have used www.raywenderlich.com at some point while learning about Objective C and now Swift. I have used www.raywenderlich.com many times in the future but recently I decided to become a paid subscriber as this gives me greater access to the more resources. I’m excited to complete the Swift video tutorials and start creating some simple apps using Swift for my personal use. I have no intention of switching completely to Swift anytime in the near future but I will definitely be using the language along side Objective C. Ray Wenderlich and the group of developers are absolute life savers. While there may be other sites out there, I must say that they have really nailed it with the uniformity of the coding conventions in their tutorials, the ease with which it could be understood and they fact that the programs from the tutorials actually compile without errors. This isn’t always the case when following tutorials online. In preparation for an interview, I always try to look over the tutorials on Intro to Object Oriented Design, Design Patterns, AFNetworking, Git Source Control, Multithreading and Grand Central Dispatch, Core Data, JSON, Security, Instruments and a few others. Now that I’m a paid subscriber, I’ll have access to more videos which would definitely help in my interview process preparation.


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