For the past couple of weeks I’ve been working on my iOS apps and I’ve been extremely happy about that . On Tuesday, I contemplated alot of things about my future and I decided that I needed to talk to my boss about my situation. While some people may suggest otherwise, I believe the world is governed by Cyclic Laws and I need to be mindful to give out only what I would like in return. One day I will have people working for me and I would appreciate that type of honesty from them. When I got to work yesterday, I walked in and asked my boss if I could have a word with him. I basically explained to him that I know my passion is with iOS Development and I’m trying to develop that similar burning desire for what I do here at NIBTT. I told him I will work on becoming more motivated for the job but if I can’t by the end of October, I’ll give 2 months notice so he can find someone more passionate about the work. This is a temporary role so there’s no point in my fighting to love something that I’ll be giving up in the near future. I believe this is fair to him, to the organisation and to someone out there who is hoping for such a role. My honesty with my boss worked out to the benefit of the department. He suggested that a meeting be held with the Analyst Programmers to discuss the project, the technologies being used, where we’re at now, how we plan to proceed and how responsibilities will be divided. This helped a bit with my zeal towards my work and I’m glad I decided to be honest with my boss. However, this puts me in a situation where I have to now step up my approach to securing an iOS Developer role in the UK by the end of this year.

I sent emails to a few recruiters on Tuesday and Wednesday introducing them to my blog and the feedback has been positive so far.  Kiri O’Brien at Lorien Resourcing Limited suggested an iOS test I can take to send along with my CV to recruiters. I’m surprised I never thought of this but then again this is the purpose of this blog. I’m really excited to hear about other suggestions from recruiters and companies about how I can proceed along this path towards accomplishing one of my goals I’m most passionate about.

Everyday I try to apply for jobs, even if it’s just one new role, I try my best to keep my CV out there. I recently made a few changes to it based on some recommendations by James Tarrant at Client-Server Limited.  I noticed the best day and time to apply for jobs are on Sunday nights. I think my applications appear on the top of the recruiters inbox on Monday morning when they’re fresh and pumped and ready to go.  So I’ll be scheduling at least an hour on Sunday night to search for roles and send out applications, with the hopes that I’ll be receiving a few calls on my way to the gym on Monday morning.


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