This is me!!

Good Morning, I am Nekelle Celestine, a 31 year old female living in Trinidad and Tobago. I have been inspired many times to create a blog and I previously had one and didn’t do much with it. However, life’s passions have a way of bringing you to a point of doing anything necessary to accomplish your goals.

I am currently employed as an Analyst Programmer at The National Insurance Board of Trinidad and Tobago, I also lecture C++ and Java Part time at The University of the Trinidad and Tobago and I work on my iOS apps. If I knew exactly where my magic wand was and how to use it, I’ll be living and working in London as an iOS Developer in a really cool, funky startup. So until my fairy Godmother shows up or until I find my magic wand I’m here in Trinidad making the best of things.

I lived in London from September 2010 to December 2012 while pursuing a Masters in Software Engineering at the University of Westminster. During that time, I fell in love with the City. After completing my postgraduate degree in 2012, I came back to Trinidad and Tobago in December to assist a family member with a business venture, which he somehow lost passion for and was never completed.

Since mid-2013 I’ve been working on developing more iOS applications to gain experience and income to eventually return to the UK.  I was aware of 2 main challenges in making this move. I am located in Trinidad and Tobago and I required sponsorship for work in the UK. Unfortunately, I focused on these challenges a bit too much that I constantly attracted it to myself. Eventually in early 2014, I started securing some online interviews and this had me pumped. I worked a little less on my applications and I was constantly going through tutorials and code, learning new skills and ensuring that I could master the technical aspect of any iOS Developer interview I was able to secure.

In May 2014, my suitcases were packed and I was focused on leaving for London without a job in hand. I knew I would land a role once I was physically there. I sorted out my budget, requested a personal loan from a friend for the difference I needed which I would eventually repay and I just needed to sort out flight and accommodation arrangements. Within 2 weeks of the date I wanted to leave, I received a call from The National Insurance Board of Trinidad and Tobago (NIBTT) informing me that I was successful in the interview held in early February for the job as an Analyst Programmer. I was completely shocked. I accepted the job but I also informed them of my intentions to leave and once it works out I’ll let them know.

During this 2 week period, my mom fell severely ill with pneumonia and her sister was diagnosed with Stage-4 cancer and they were both hospitalised. At this point I knew my main focus could not be London but family. I started the job at NIBTT and within 2-3 weeks, my aunt died but my mom was slowly recovering.

I am certainly not an iOS Developer at NIBTT and I’m clearly not living and working in the UK but the job does provide several benefits. One of my shortcomings as a developer was a lack of team experience, which is being addressed with this role.  As an Analyst Programmer, I mainly work with Java, HTML, CSS and XML. About a month ago, I started back work on my iOS apps that seriously needed updating. This reminded me that my passion for Objective-C and developing mobile apps as well as moving to London to work as an iOS Developer must be followed. I have since started applying for roles as an iOS Developer in the UK and receiving some positive feedback.

This prompted me to start this blog to gain feedback and advice from recruiters, developers or anyone else with knowledge about how I should go about making one of my dreams become a reality.


3 thoughts on “This is me!!

  1. You sound like a very strong individual. Stay focus …you are almost there 🙂

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  3. thanks for following me, and thanks for sharing your story! Welcome to the community! 😀


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